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As a gifted communicator, Christa brings an energy, warmth and authenticity that resonates with many different types of people. She loves to tell stories and has a way of sharing important ideas in a simple, clear and compelling way.
— Tim Day |

Christa's desire is that people are awakened to the reality that God’s love really is better than they imagined and that people walk away with some tangible tools to take their next step towards living a truly abundant life.

Over the past few years, Christa has spoken to thousands of people, in multiple countries, in a variety of settings including:

  • Conference keynote

  • Retreat speaker

  • Workshop facilitator


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Her compelling voice has wide appeal among men, woman, younger and older audiences and she is eager to share on a number of different topics. 

She has been noted for her insights on some of the following themes:

  • contemplative spirituality

  • personal transformation

  • the inner life of an effective leader

  • grief & loss

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