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Love 2 Love

Everyone wants to be loved by someone, right?

I think we all want to love someone too.

What is The Love2Love Project?

 Life’s Great Dare: Risking It All For The Abundant Life is a book about transformation. I wrote this book for a few reasons. One, the journey I’ve taken and the things I’ve learned have quite literally saved me.  God transforms us because he loves us and wants us to experience his love more perfectly- for ourselves, for God and for others.

Love always leads to more love.

 I think the message is an important one and I want it to be helpful to as many people as possible.  But, I’ve always hoped that the book would have some sort of multiplying impact on those who are most marginalized and vulnerable.

That’s why 100% of the proceeds from THE sale of the book will be going to The Love2Love Project.  

I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Over $45,000 has been given to support vulnerable children!


I’m hoping that those who purchase a copy of the book will know that embracing life’s dare really can make a real impact. The world I imagine in my dreams is when big, bold love reigns! There are many people on the planet who are unsung heroes of courage and faith but are in need of tangible resources to make a way forward.

They need our love in real-time. 

That's why I'm inviting you to love.

I’ve had the great honor of becoming friends with community leaders in different parts of the world. I’ve sat in their homes, in their schools and in their offices talking about the real challenges they are working to address—particularly the needs of vulnerable girls. They have great ideas of how to meet these challenges—but need partners, like us, to join them.

I've partnered with 2 trusted organizations and I’m daring all of us to love in tangible ways by being a part of the love2love project.



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