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December Nuggets

"Honest" Nuggets

December Nuggets

Christa Hesselink

Welcome to December's nuggets!

Grandma's 70 year old dutch 'Olibollen' recipe

Every holiday, between Christmas and New Year's, I make Olibollen.  "Oil Boils" is the closest translation and trust me, they taste a whole lot better then they sound.  Think fried donut meets Beaver Tail meets apple cake. They are my favourite - not only for the taste but for the tradition.

My grandma has been making these forever. She can't any more, but every new year's eve day my grandmother would make them, dust them with icing sugar and bring them over to our house. They are a new year's dutch tradition because when the dough is frying, you flip them over to cook, like your flip over into a new year.  There's actually a lot of history behind this fried dough!


Here's the recipe (with some of my own modifications) and some pics! If there's anything in the recipe that doesn't appeal to you, you can google another recipe and adapt.

  • peel & cut 5 spy apples into small pieces
  • dissolve one pack of quick yeast in 1 cup of lukewarm water with 1 tsp salt (let stand for 10 min)
  • Beat 4 eggs, 1/2 tsp salt together
  • then add to it 3 cups of fluid ( 1.5 cup milk, 1.5 cup water)
  • When yeast has come up, stir and add to the liquid
  • Add 5.5 cups of flour
  • Add 1 cup of currents, 1 cup of raisins, 1 cup of dried cranberries, and the apple pieces
  • Mix all together - add more flour if it appears too runny, or more milk/water if too dry
  • Let mixture rise for about 3 hours (covered with a warm dish towel)
  • In a deep fryer, heat sunflower oil until it's hot enough for the dough ball to rise to top quickly
  • Use 2 spoons to scoop balls into oil as quickly as possible. Turn over when first side is brown.
  • Remove from oil, put on paper towel.  
  • Cover with fruit powder sugar


Head on over to my instragram account on New Years Day for a pic of this year's goodies!


Author Launch

So, people have been asking me why I decided to self-publish the book I've been working on.

Here's the 5 top reasons why, and a great resource for all of you who have a book inside you that needs to come out and be written.

1. I never wanted to write a book or aspired to be a writer. 

Truth be told, part of the reason why I've always considered self-publishing is because pursuing the traditional publishing route never really felt like an option. While I wouldn't necessarily see it this way now, if I'm being honest, my own insecurities as a writer were the earliest motivations for me to self publish.

2. I stumbled on Author Launch and it changed everything.

Last January, after I put a firm stake in the ground and quit my full time job to write this book, I found an online course. It quite literally has been a game-changer. Author Launch is a fantastic week-by-week guide, lasting the entire year, showing first-timers like myself how to write a book. No joke - a whole year of curriculum, online community, and endless resources that have helped me navigate the self-publishing waters.

It'll be a lot of work to spread the word, (some would say more work than what it took to write the book!), but I'm looking forward to sharing this message and hoping people will help make connections for me and spread the word as they see fit!

Want to be a part of my "launch team"? Let me know!

3. Self publishing has never been easier.

While I'm still getting my bearings on this whole publishing world, I'm realizing that ten to fifteen years ago, this would have been much harder. Taking an online course, finding editors and designers with a click of a button, designing your own website, sharing news over social media - all of this is much simpler now.

Even though you are responsible for EVERY.SINGLE.DETAIL. it's actually possible for someone to do it without having any previous experience!

4. The more I worked on every single detail, the more I loved having control.

You can call me a control freak, but I'd prefer to call myself an entrepreneur. My experience has been exhilarating as I've had to take control of this project from start to finish.  I love tapping into my creative side and working at my own pace. Of course, I've had many people weigh in, give feedback, and steer me in the right direction, but every single detail has been mine to decide. The scale of this project has been massive, and it might not be for everyone, but I've learned so much this year - I wouldn't trade it in.

5. I want to give 100% of the proceeds of the book away.

So, this really was the clincher. The more I researched the traditional publishing route, the more I knew this book needed to be self-published.  I've wanted to give the money away from this endeavour since I began.  That's why I started the Love2Love Project.  I knew that the margins I'd make on the book if I self-published would be much higher, so it was a bit of a no-brainer. The more books I sell, the more money I can give away.

Does this mean I'm against traditional publishing?

The short answer is, "no". I think big publishing houses do great work, and help authors bring their projects to fruition. Who knows, if I ever write another book, I may find myself going this route. That being said,  I'm very glad self-publishing is an option for me at this time!

Maybe it is for you too?

If you've got a book inside you, write it!

The world needs your words!


What's in a name?

And, if you've haven't checked out the story behind the name, "Honest in Christa's House", head on over here!