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Thimble & Bucket Coaching

Don't you wish you had someone to walk with you as you process some of the bigger stuff of life? Do you have thoughts, ideas and plans that you want some "outside" objectivity on? Need a friendly "check-in" as you make decisions and take concrete steps to build a better story?

I know I do.

Why "Thimble & Bucket"?

If you're like me, you sometimes feel overwhelmed with too many activities, or not enough of the "right" ones - the ones that make life meaningful.  We all need our bucket of big ideas and goals, but we also need to focus on taking the right thimble-sized steps to reach our goals.

I want to help you build your bucket dreams and design the thimble steps to get there.

Using the "Build A Better Story Workshop" as our framework, I will come alongside you as a companion to help you dig in and execute your plan so you can live your better story.

Think of it as a combo of a life coach + pastor + friend!

Here's what it looks like:

  • Commit to two, 1 hour sessions spaced four weeks a part from each other.
  • Each session will be held either over SKYPE or locally at a Burlington coffee shop.
  • Sessions will be scheduled to suit everyone's schedule.
  • You will have the option to schedule a third follow-up session 3 months after Session #2

Session #1

  • Clarify the Buckets
    • Clarify your five roles, ambitions and climactic scenes for each role
    • Work together to develop ambitions that feel highly motivational
    • Determine a meaningful project(s) for each ambition to take action on.
  • Identify the Thimbles
    • Creating a "Plotting Forward" Plan with proper next steps for each project
    • Pinpoint potential areas of resistance that could trip you up
    • Forge a plan to stay motivated throughout the process

Session #2 (4 weeks later)

  • Check in
    • Return to the Plotting Forward Plan and access what worked and what didn't
    • Map out a 3 month action plan together using some new techniques
    • Re-clarify and recommit to building a better story.

Session #3 (optional)

If you feel like you'd want to schedule one more session, 3 months later, we can arrange to meet up, make a plan to re-focus and re-clarify (we edit as we go!), and take time to celebrate the thimble steps and full bucket!

So, What will this cost me?

Each one hour session is $75.00.

The total for the 2 sessions is $150.00 (taxes included).  Full, non-refundable payment will be required in advance of the first session.

Now What? What are my Next Steps?

If you would like to schedule your first coaching session with Christa, please email Christa (

Then, Christa will connect with you directly to work out the best time/method to meet and what you can do to prepare for Session #1.

Got questions? Feel free to contact Christa!