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Darkest Day: The Sun Never Stands Still


Darkest Day: The Sun Never Stands Still

Christa Hesselink

Today, December 22, 2015, is the Winter Solstice. It's the shortest day of the year - the darkest day of the year.

Did you know that "solstice" in latin literally means "sun stands still"?  

Do you ever have days when you feel like the sun stood still before it even rose? That it forgot to come and warm the day? Forgot to shine it's light?  Maybe today is one of them. Even though it's only a couple of days before Christmas, life feels colder and darker than is should.

Here's some hope for us on days like today.

Tomorrow, the days start getting longer again. The sun doesn't stand still - it never does. It always sets and always rises again. New mercy every morning.

So when there doesn't seem to be any hope of bright light to melt the frosty gloom off your life, remember the dark is only temporary.

The Sun never stands still.

Darkest day.

Where light is in such short supply,

and warming glow flickers away,

threatening to ash quiet our very breath.


We ache without words.

We long for what was.

 What could be. 

What will be.


In the silence, in tightness of chest,

In the cold hollow, we sit on the seat of desire.

For a new day.

A brighter one, and warmer.

One that takes this spiral of fear and sadness,

And puts it to rest.


Darkest day.

You are but just one.

You are darkest, and then you are not.

For day breaks anew, a garnet sliver on east horizon

a messenger heralding light, 


a sweet choral of hope.


There is no place this canopy of Day does not cover. 

No corner that remains hidden and black.

What could be is here. 

What will be has come.

The Light has arrived and is with us.

This is why on the darkest day of the year we can hope.

Christmas is the celebration of God on the move. He's not stood still. He's come to us, like the sun, shining bright with light to guide the way.

Merry Christmas everyone.