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When silence comes calling


When silence comes calling

Christa Hesselink

I've just returned from being off the grid for 48 hours.

And it was bliss.

Just me, a couple of books, a pad of paper, and my thoughts.

 Not a bad view, eh? Grateful for my little get-away!

Not a bad view, eh? Grateful for my little get-away!


Have you ever noticed how much screen time we have a day? Between working on my laptop, checking my phone for updates, or watching the next episode on Netflix (when does that next Scandal episode come out?!), it adds up to a lot - and I wouldn't even consider myself a "heavy" user of technology.

So, when I get away for a couple of days without the world-wide-inter-web and the glowing screen, I'm always amazed at how addicted I am to checking for the latest news, wondering if a new email came in, or considering what might make a great next post. Not to mention...I do this all at the same time!

It's sad really - those first few hours are like withdrawal, twitching and obsessing, and working hard to still my racing mind.

But, I'm also amazed at how quickly and how ready my body and mind are to receive the silence. It's like my soul has been waiting and hoping for me to disconnect from my devices so I can reconnect with myself.


Ruth Haley- Barton, a writer and spiritual formation giant has said this:

One of the fundamental purposes of solitude is to give us a concrete way of entering into such stillness, so that God can come in and do what only God can do.

I've been carving out time to get away like this for a few years now. What I'm finding is that my intentional effort to get away and embrace the quiet is also my personal invitation for God to meet with me. 

No wonder my soul drinks up the silence - it's parched land, scorched by the constant stream of images and information, and my response of comparison and judgement to it all.

Silence, instead, allows me to be with myself. There isn't any external messages telling me who I am or who I should be. Rather, I get deeply in touch with who I really am and how God sees me.

I begin to remember that I am enough.

Silence is always calling, because one of the places we can find God is in the silence - and God is always calling.

If you're feeling burnt up, zoned out,  or done in - I am willing to bet that a couple of minutes, hours or days of quiet rest, without any distraction (from people, agenda, or technology) might be the ticket to saturate your weary bones.

Give it a try. When silence comes calling - it's always a good thing to answer.

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