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Roots & Sky


Roots & Sky

Christa Hesselink

... you had me at the title.

I know, right?  "Roots & Sky" sounds like my kind of book.  So, I was thrilled when I was sent a book by this name as part of this Book Club I've told you about - Ellen's Picks - seriously, check it out!

Roots & Sky: A Journey in Four Seasons by Christie Purifoy is like twisting your tongue on a sweet treat...savouring all its goodness with every word consumed.  

Take my word for it, if you like a lyrical, thoughtful anthology of someone's life, this book is for you. It both encourages and challenges and I found myself  "deep-sighing" as I finished passages like this:

"Homecoming is a single word, and we use it to describe a single event. But true homecoming requires more time.  It seems to be a process rather than a moment.  Perhaps we come home the way the earth comes home to the sun.  It could be that homecoming is always a return and our understanding of home deepens with each encounter." (pg. 32)

...and a few sentences later, this:

"A fountain is an extravagance. But extravagant things just may be the truest things.  We fool ourselves if we believe that life is the tedium of our to-do lists broken up by occasional highs like a baby's homecoming, and occasional lows, like that baby's first trip to the emergency room.  Everyday life is utterly extravagant.  It is morning glories we did not plant.  It is four children we did nothing to deserve.  It is moonlight and starlight, rainbow coloured leaves and autumn rain.  It is the shelter of trees, the songs of birds, and the enduring sight of a farmhouse on a hill.  It is more beautiful than it needs to be.  It is more meaningful than we can begin to comprehend." (pg.33)

"It is more beautiful than it needs to be." 

Oh, I love that.

I'm thankful for books like this. It reminds me of things I surely know deep in my bones but need a reminder. 

Simple truths are like that, aren't they?

I am part of Ellen's Picks