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Christa Hesselink

Do you love quotes as much as I do?  I've been collecting them for years and years...over 2 decades to be exact.

A good quote is like a choice morsel that seems to always hit the spot just right, so it's my pleasure to share with you some of my faves from the new book coming out at the end of the month.

Truth is, I sometimes think in quotes...things that others have said..but also how I distill my own thoughts.  Like this, for example.

I was listening to a podcast about culture-shaping,  had been reading about some new ideas about inspiration & creativity, was working on some curriculum for the intern team I'm leading this summer and also feeling frustrated with how the institution of the church had hijacked freedom for so many. Then, all of a sudden while I was driving my car eating an apple,this popped into my head ...
"Let the hum within you join the hymn of the world."

it turned into this:


If you've been over on my Instagram, these 17 quotes won't be new...I've been posting one a day since March 1 and will continue to the end of the month. I'd love for you to head on over there and follow along - a dose of encouragement to start your day! I know that's how it feels when I post 'em!

Enjoy! (I added a few extra new ones for ya!)

I'd love to know your faves! Post in the comments below!