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Plotting our life vs. Plodding in 2016


Plotting our life vs. Plodding in 2016

Christa Hesselink

A few years ago I was sitting on my deck chair soaking up the glorious Florida sunshine on my mid-winter vacation. I should have been happy, but I wasn’t. I was exhausted and worn out, and it was the kind of weariness that found its way into a dark room deep within me. It wasn’t until I had stopped the frenetic hustle of my day-to-day routines, that I realized this soul-fatigue was worming its way through my whole body, seeping into my heart and my mind.

I knew my life shouldn’t be this way. I knew there was something off-kilter that needed recalibration. I longed to live a life in high definition where I had goals and dreams worth going after. I wanted to experience more peace and joy.

I had lost my “why” and because of that, I had lost my way.

Over these past few years, the song that felt buried within me has begun to be sung again. The hurry and hustle that had left my days feeling monochromatic and stale have been transformed to dreams that I can chase, plans to pursue, and moments to savor.

It hasn’t happened overnight. But slowly, as I have gotten in touch with the story that God is weaving in me, I’ve gotten clearer on some of the most important parts of living the life I was meant too.

I've been learning that plotting my life vs. plodding thru it is a lot more fun, inspires creativity and brings joy.

Plodding vs. Plotting

If you’re like me, I have spent way too many of my days slowing plodding through them without excitement or motivation. Waking up in the morning is as blurry as laying my head on the pillow at night. Moments seem to pass by without notice and a life of abundance eludes me.

But what if we could live more intentionally and plot out our days instead of plod through them?

What if, with a bit of effort, we could partner with God, the Grand Author of our lives to make our moments matter? I think this is a dangerous question. It’s dangerous because within it lays the possibility of great things.

  • Months on the calendar would turn and they’d be filled with significant moments.
  • We’d wake up in the morning with a sense of what we’re supposed to do.
  • You and I would be on the look out for things that bring us life.
  • We’d rest securely, knowing we’re loved and exactly where we need to be.
  • We’d fall in love with life again.
Yes, it’s dangerous. And inspiring.

As one of my favourite authors, Donald Miller puts it, "When we push our plot forward we’ll drive light into darkness."

What is ‘Plotting Forward’?

I've created a free, 35 page workbook that will help you map out a plan to live more intentionally and turn your days into ones that matter.

I whole-heartedly believe that God wants each of us to discover a full and satisfying life of love, joy and peace, and my experience tells me that living with focus and clarity, and reducing the noise and clutter of our busy lives is a part of getting us there.

This material isn’t new. By this I mean that there are many places you can find similar guides and principles, each having it’s own unique focus. If I needed to pick one, you should check out Donald Miller’s Storyline content—it’s been an invaluable resource to me. 

Plotting Forward is a result of me curating things I’ve learned, read, and processed on my own. I see myself as a guide, not an expert. I’m still plotting forward myself – all the time. Sometimes I find it easier than others. Sometimes I wonder if I've learned anything at all over the years.  I hope this is a helpful tool for us as we go after a more fulfilling life in 2016.

Download your free workbook here! Enjoy!