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The Extra Day - How to Leap into Abundance when everything seems the same


The Extra Day - How to Leap into Abundance when everything seems the same

Christa Hesselink

I've always been fascinated by the LEAP Year.

It's kind of crazy, right?! Why February? Why just one day? Why every four years and not five? And the whole Sadie-Hawkins tradition...what on earth!?  Curious as I am? Head on over to Wiki to learn more.

If you're like me, most years, it feels like just an extra day. Plain and ordinary, and run-of-the-mill normal.

February 29 almost always feels the same as the 28th and not much different than March 1. Leap Day 2016? It doesn't even land on a weekend. Brutal.

This year, I'm wondering if we could see this "extra day" as a mini tutorial in ABUNDANCE.

What if the "extra day" invites us to leap into abundance and resist feeling like we never have enough?

Not enough time. Not enough friends. Not enough money. Not enough vacation. Not enough education. Not enough ____________(you fill in the blank).

How often are my days filled with feeling like I don't have enough of the stuff I need to make me happy and comfortable?

Could this small, simple "extra day" in the calendar remind me that the good stuff I'm seeking can be found in my every day -  that I actually have everything I need for the good life?

Abundance can be found in the simple things we have access to all the time. It will certainly take a shift in focus, priorities and attitude, but it is for the taking.

  • It has much more to do with the gratitude than greatness.
  • Rest vs. running around restores and is its own reward.
  • Abundance embraces simplicity but never scarcity.
  • Peace is pursued over power.
  • Beauty is sought out and created regularly.
  • Generosity is genuine and always grows into more love.
  • Compassion creates passion.

...and joy and love are the juicy, sweet overflow of living a life pursuing this abundance.


When Jesus talked about living in the Kingdom of God, he was talking about living our lives in a type of abundance he offers.

The full, whole life we long for is not simply found in more vacation, the next sparkly purchase, the job promotion, or the hottest ticket in town, it is to be found on the inside.

Gratitude, generosity and compassion - that's cultivated in our hearts.
Simplicity, rest and peace - it's nurtured and grown by renewing our minds.
Beauty, joy, and love - we soak ourselves in it when our interior world is transformed by God.


I think "Seeking the Sweet" is the way of thinking that actually changes the world.


Imagine if the extra day we've been given this year was more full of gratitude, generosity and compassion for ourselves and for those around us? What could happen if we were more rested and filled with peace? Could a simpler approach to life that gives us more time to notice the beauty of the moment be a balm that could heal us and heal the world?

Oh. Imagine that.

So, Happy Leap Day! May your 29th be full of the stuff that truly satisfies and may this abundance spill out and be the abundance someone else is desperate for.

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