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An Everyday Adventure


An Everyday Adventure

Christa Hesselink

If you know me, you know I have a mild obsession with podcasts. I listen to them ...a lot. I'll use just about any excuse I can find to go on a long road trip, have a lazy Saturday morning, or go on cooking binge, all so that I can catch up on the episodes.

My list of great podcasts will come another time, but I've run across one recently that's right up my alley.

The Open Road Podcast: Searching for Adventure in the Everyday.

Calvin & Jeremy,  hosts of the podcast, chronicle their personal antics and the adventures of their friends. Their quarter-life perspective is fun, refreshing, and I love what they're up too.

But it gets me to thinking ...

Life is supposed to feel like an adventure more than a job, right?


Adventure (of all kinds) helps me:

  • open up to possibilities,
  • stay curious,
  • search for beauty
  • move out of my comfort zone
  • discover connections
  • push my limits
  • find joy
  • stand in awe
  • keep perspective

(Kind of looks like a list to living abundantly, no?)

Whether it's cooking a complicated new dish, embarking on a new trail, saying "yes" to a new project at work, setting a seemingly unattainable goal, meditating and sitting still, having an important conversation with someone, being generous with your stuff, trying a new class or hobby...heck, even taking a different route to work has the tune of adventure all over it.

And I know I'm drawn to people who's lives sing with an adventurous melody. They have a faith, a tenacity and a willingness to embrace a bit of mystery.

We're not talking about young athletic types who push the limits of bravery and stupidity. Being an adventurer in life doesn't require signing up for the X-Games. 

But searching for adventure in your everyday does require something. 

You can't have adventure in your everyday, unless you desire to change and muster the courage to be open to change.

I'm not sure when this first really clicked for me, but once I started to realize that the most predictable thing in life was the unpredictability of it all, I started to embrace life as an adventure.

The ups and downs, highs and low don't shock me as much anymore.  All the emotion is still there with every peak and valley, but I'm not caught off guard as much.

In fact, the more I expect change (that really is always inevitable), the higher my threshold is for it. And in some weird way, the higher my threshold is for this predictable change, the more I enjoy the ride.

When things are good, I try and savour it knowing it won't always be this way...and when things are rough, I try to remember that, 'this too shall pass.'

I don't clamp down and try to keep everything the same. I don't want to put myself, other people or God in a box. At least I try not too.

"Same" can be the enemy of adventure.

Opportunities come and they go. Friendships change. Family dynamics morph. Jobs shift. And let's be honest... none of us should really stay the same, either. It's okay that our understanding grows, our ideas are fluid, and that we are always in the process of being transformed.

But change is hard. It moves us and stretches us. The newness and unfamiliarity can leave us feeling like we've lost our footing momentarily.

The Open Road Podcast challenges its listeners to live with more adventure in their everyday.  I think their right. This life is a gift and adventure helps us open it up, pull it out of the box, and discover how good and beautiful it is.

Truly, the most predictable thing in life is change. To desire it and have the courage to embrace it is to live the adventure. To resist and arrest it is to live stagnant and in fear.

So, what is one thing you can do that feels like a bit of an adventure this week?

What is something you can do that moves you towards:

  • new possibilities
  • staying curious
  • beauty
  • moving out of my comfort zone
  • discovering new connections
  • pushing your limits
  • finding joy
  • standing in awe
  • keeping perspective

Here's to a great summer full of adventure!


...and I'd love for you to join me...

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Click the image and find out more about the Book Club!