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Celebrating A Finale (last post for a while!)


Celebrating A Finale (last post for a while!)

Christa Hesselink


I'm thrilled to announce that after this first year of releasing LIFE'S GREAT DARE

  • Over $37,000 has been given away to the Love2Love Project supporting vulnerable children


  • Over 4500 books have been sold!

I'm thrilled! And grateful!  

In my last post, I shared some of the highlights of this past year. It truly has been remarkable for me.

I'm taking a number of months to rejuvenate, refresh, and fuel up my creative tank again! So, you won't here from me for a while on this blog.

Thank you for the ways you have supported me and this project.

For now, HAPPY EASTER! (Click here for my Easter reflection I posted last year: Fullness in Fragility.)

And...I stumbled on this poem by one of my favourites, Joyce Rupp:

God of little buds just now wearing green sleeves,

God of lilac limbs all full with signs of flowering, 

God of fields plowed and black with turned-over earth,

God of screeching baby bird mouths widely awaiting food,

God of openness, of life and of resurrection,

Come into this Easter season and bless me.

Looking around the tight, dead spaces of my heart

That still refuse to give you an entrance.

Bring your gentle but firm love. Begin to lift the layers of resistance

that hang on tightly deep inside of me.

Open, one by one, those places in my life where I refuse to be overcome by surprise.

Open , one by one, those parts of my heart where I fight the entrance of real growth.

Open, one by one, those aspects of my spirit where my security struggles with the truth.

Keep me open to the different and the strange;help me to accept the unusual and also the ordinary;

Never allow me to tread on other' dreams by shutting them out, closing them up, by turning them off or pushing them away.

God of Resurrection, God of the living,

Entomb and uncover all that needs to live in me.

Take me to people, events, and situations and stretch me into much greater openness.

Open me. Open me. Open me.

For it is only then that I will grow and change.

For it is only then that I will be transformed.

For it is only then that I will know how it is

to be in the moment of rising from the dead.


Bye for now! Catch up again soon!