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Book Club - FAQs

Christa Hesselink

Thanks for your interest in Life's Great Dare Summer Book Club!

The following are some answers to the most frequently asked questions!

When does this Summer Book Club start?

We officially get started on Monday, July 4.  Of course, you can read Life's Great Dare and use the workbook anytime - go at your own pace!

Do I have to read the book before?

Nope. The goal is to read the the entire book during the month of July, and we'll start at page 1 on July 4.

What if I can't keep up and read at the weekly pace?

No problem at all.  The workbook is easy to use anytime. If you can keep up and participate in the online discussion, great, but don't stress if you feel like you're falling behind.

We will be breaking the book into 4 main parts to be completed in 4 weeks.

·      Week One: Chapters 1-4 (pgs. 1-50)

·      Week Two: Chapters 5-8 (pgs. 51-92)

·      Week Three: Chapters 9-11 (pgs. 93-128

·      Week Four: Chapters 12-15 (pgs. 129-157)

·      NOW WHAT?: Afterword: Love2Love (pgs. 159-160)

Can I do this on my own or do I need to find a group to do it with?

Both work! If you've got some friends, you can tackle the questions together and even participate in the weekly activities, sharing your impressions and insights along the way.

If you're on your own, the workbook has been designed to be a great companion for you!

What's happening on the Facebook Group? 

Every week during the month of July, Christa will be posting some new content, and some guiding thoughts to encourage people's comments and musings.  The posts will be meant to amplify your personal reading and to compliment the workbook.

Are you apart of BIC Canada? You get your own special Book Club Facebook Page!


What if I don't have Facebook or don't want to go on it?

Not a big deal! There will be lots of people who will dive into the workbook at a later date or just want to focus on their own study and experience and not follow along on Facebook

How do I get a copy of the book?

The book is available on Amazon, and iTunes and is also in Kindle version.  Head on over here to learn more.

There are also a few local bookstores in the GTA selling the book directly (no shipping costs!)


100% of the proceeds goes to the Love2Love Project, helping vulnerable children in Syria and Mozambique.

I don't have the workbook. How do i get it?

Go ahead and download now.

I heard you gave away a cool Free printable. True?

You heard right! Download this FREE printable of notable quotes from the book now!

What if I've got more questions for Christa?

Well, I hope to see you at one of these events!

If you're not in the area, go ahead and head on over to the Facebook page  and ask your question!