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Book Club - Week Two


Book Club - Week Two

Christa Hesselink

I sure hope you had a chance to crack open Chapters 1-4 last week and start sinking your teeth into Life's Great Dare.

So, do you have a sense of where you're feeling nudged to transform? To change into a better version of yourself? 

Is it a habit to break or make? Is it an attitude to adjust? Is it a relationship to mend or a dream to purse? 

I firmly believe life's greatest dare to us, God's greatest invitation for us, is to surrender to our own transformation - and in doing so, the whole world is transformed.

So - we're on WEEK TWO! Chapters 5-8 (pages 51-92)

Take a look at the ideas I've created below in the workbook. Each are designed to help you soak a bit deeper, and tap into the themes of the book more concretely. 

A word of warning...not every activity is going to feel like the right fit - that's okay! Just pick and choose, like a menu.

Want to get the whole workbook for free?

PART TWO: Chapters 5-8 (pgs. 51-92)



Transformation is the stuff of being human.

And sometimes the process can be downright difficult. In this section we delve into one of the most

important (yet counter-intuitive) aspects of any transformation: Surrender, Vulnerability & Death.

Let’s press in and be gentle with ourselves!

Questions *don’t forget there are more at the end of Life’s Great Dare

1. What are some things that you cling to in order to feel secure, satisfied and significant, but that are actually getting in the way of you becoming the best version of yourself?

2. How does it feel to consider loosening your grasp and surrendering them?

3. Where have you felt vulnerable in the past? Be specific. What does it feel like? What’s making you feel vulnerable these days?

4. “Some things must die to make room for something new.” How have you experienced this in your life?

5. Christa shares her personal story to illustrate her own dramatic transformation and experience in “the death zone”.  What here share about it here. What is one thing you’ve learned about transformation from her story? Is there anything from your own story that would be an encouragement to someone else? What can you do to share it with someone?


Read Mathew 26 & 27…the whole chapters! This is a passage in scripture that describes the last week of Jesus before his death. Note all of the places he would feel vulnerable and why? (Hint: read page 69). How does this make you feel?

Contemplative Practice

Like I mentioned earlier, please visit this link to learn more about the power and practice of contemplation.

Meditation: “On my own, I am weak. In You, I am strong.”


“You carry me” by Ash & Bloom

There are things I never tell you.

There are things that I should say.

Like every single time,

You’re standing right behind,

You carry me.

You carry me.

There are roads I choose to follow.

I would walk those roads alone.

But every single turn

With love I’ll never earn,

You carry me.

Heavy hearts get lost when they’re alone.

But I’m always where I should be.

Cause you carry me. You carry me.

When my candle starts to flicker.

When I’m almost at my end.

And every single doubt,

Tries to put me out,

You carry me.

Heavy hearts get lost when they’re alone.

But I’m always where I should be,

Cause you carry me.

Got so little to show,

For the time we put in.

The only fuel that keeps me going,

I know, is you.

Heavy hearts get lost when they’re alone.

But I’m always where I should be,

Cause you carry me.

You carry me. You carry me.

Find it here:


"Do not dare not to dare.” - C.S. Lewis

“Take an axe to the prison wall. Escape. Walk out like someone suddenly born into color.”— Rumi

Dare Challenge

If you need a reminder about the anatomy of a dare, check this out!

This week’s challenge:

First, take time to make a list of the habits, attitudes, activities that you feel are getting in the way of living into the abundance of life. Then, gather some rocks or twigs, or whatever you’d like to use to symbolically represent the things you want to (need to) let go of. Write words on the rocks, or wrap paper around the twigs that describe the things you identified as getting in the way.

Take a half hour sometime this week to go for a walk and release them/burn them/bury them/sink them…whatever makes sense to represent a letting go and surrender. Let’s be clear… there is nothing magical and mystical about this activity. It is just a physical and kinetic way to be in touch with the act of surrender and the vulnerability we feel as we desire to bring these things to “death”.


Be on the look out for things that remind you about what you’re reading this week. Don’t forget to head on over to my Instagram ( ) and check out some of my pics. Like this one I posted of the Orphan Annie haircut I open with in Chapter 1.


Be sure to use the hashtag #seekthesweettoday and follow everyone else’s inspirations!


Thoughts & Expressions

(use this space to journal or draw whatever you need to from your chapter reading)


We are weak and fragile.

Our world is weak and fragile and our souls are overwhelmed.

God, stay with us; keep watch over us all.

Because you are faithful, and full of mercy, we embrace our

vulnerability and place our hope in you.