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Book Club - Week One


Book Club - Week One

Christa Hesselink

I'm so glad we're here.  

Today's Day One of the Book Club. 

Can I suggest you start reading?  

Over the next four weeks we'll be getting through the whole book.  Of course you can go at your own pace, but if you can, this week the activities in the workbook will help process Chapters 1-4 - the first 50 pages of the book.

Maybe you'll pick one activity, maybe 6, 7 or all 10 will feel like a fit this week. Or, maybe you'll head back to these Workbook activities long after the Book Club is finished - there is no wrong way to dig deeper!

I've included all the weekly workbook activities here, but I'd suggest downloading the Workbook yourself, printing it and then using it as a tool to help you go deeper in processing the content in the chapters.

Don't forget to head on over to the Facebook page to see what other's are saying and add your own voice to the mix! I'm posting a video later today.

PART ONE: Chapters 1-4 (pgs. 1-50)



 Life’s great dare

is to let God transform me.

Our transformed life begins with love

and always leads to more love.

As I open to surrender my life to God,

I’ll embrace the vulnerability that comes as I die

to those things that get in the way

and let God do his work in me.

I trust that he will birth something new and beautiful in me so I will be free to love God, others and myself.

This is the pathway to the abundant life.



*don’t forget there are more at the end of Life’s Great Dare*

1. What if transformation wasn’t about God making me more perfect so he could love me more, but instead was about changing me so I could experience his love more perfectly?” Have you ever considered why God wants to transform you? How does it make you feel to know that our transformation is motivated by God’s love for us and always leads to more love?


2.  What do you want to be transformed in your life? Try to get as specific as possible.


3. In Chapter 2, Christa talks about the two big questions she had for God. What questions do you have for God?


4. As you consider accepting life’s great dare to let God transform you, what excites you the most about this journey? What concerns you? Any other thoughts or emotions worth noting?


5. Where do you need to be gentle with yourself in this process? Do you have any self-talk that is sabotaging your transformation?



“And the Lord—who is the Spirit—makes us more and more like him as we are changed into his glorious image.” - 2 Corinthians 3: 18


“Jesus said, ‘Come with me.’” - Matthew 4:19


“God’s Kingdom is like a treasure hidden in a field…” – Matthew 13:44


Contemplative Practice

Like I mentioned earlier, please visit this link to learn more about the power and practice of contemplation.


Meditation: “I am here. I want to see.”



 "You Are Enough" by Sleeping at Last

When we woke up

The world was figured out

Beyond the beauty we’ve dreamt about.

This brilliant light is brighter than we’ve known,

Without our darkness to prove it so.

Still, we can’t help but to examine it,

To add our question marks to periods.

At the foot of our bed, we found an envelope…


“You are enough.”

These little words, somehow they’re changing us.

“You are enough.”

So we let our shadows fall away like dust.


When we grew up,

Our shadows grew up too.

But they’re just old ghosts

That we grow attached to.

The tragic flaw is that they hide the truth


That you’re enough.

I promise you’re enough.

I promise you’re enough, I promise you.


“You are enough.”

These little words, somehow they’re changing us.

“You are enough,”

So we let our shadows fall away like dust.

“You are enough.”

These little words, somehow they’re changing us.

Let it go, let it go, “You are enough.”

So we let our shadows fall away like dust.

Find it here:


"A genuine odyssey is not about piling up experiences. It is a deeply felt, risky, unpredictable tour of the soul." – Thomas Moore


“God does what God is: Love. The logic is then quite different than the retributive justice story line most of us were given. Henceforth, it is not “those who do it right go to heaven later,” but “those who receive and reflect me are in heaven now.” This is God’s unimaginable restorative justice. God does not love you if and when you change. God loves you so that you can change. That is the true story line of the Gospel.” – Richard Rohr


Dare Challenge

DARE: to have the boldness to try; venture; hazard; to meet defiantly; face courageously.


I like to think of a dare being made up of these four elements.

D: doubt

A: awareness

R: run

E: exhilaration

Read more here on this blog post about each of these 4 elements:


This week’s challenge:

Tell one person you trust (just one!) what you want to see transformed in your life.  Be honest with them. What habit, attitude, or approach to life is limiting you from experiencing the abundance you crave? This just might be the bravest thing you do! Perhaps you can invite them to read the book with you too!



Joy is a function of gratitude and gratitude is a function of perspective.

You can only change your life when you begin to change the way you see.  

~Ann Voskamp


The Life’s Great Dare community of readers are invited to be on the look out for the beautiful and sweet things in their life that point to the goodness and abundance and big, bold love of God.


Be on the look out for beautiful things that remind you about what you’re reading this week.


For example: Week One we read about being open to change, finding transformation all around us (like haircuts!) and discovering that there is a big bold Love that we are saturated in – even in the seasons when we don’t feel it.


Head on over to Christa’s Instagram ( ) and check out some of her pics.  Don’t forget to use the hashtag #seekthesweettoday and follow everyone else’s inspirations!


Thoughts & Expressions

 (use this space to journal or draw whatever you need to from your chapter reading)

























Love is above me and below me.

Love is before me and beside me and behind me.

For this, I am so very grateful.

Help me to be open to you, Love, moving me and guiding me towards beauty & abundance.