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How the wreckage of life doesn't need to ruin you.


How the wreckage of life doesn't need to ruin you.

Christa Hesselink

Seventeen years ago today, my brother was tragically killed in a car accident. Tomorrow, April 8, would be his 40th birthday.

It was the day that everything came crashing down and my life was changed forever. 

I don't want to gloss over that time too quickly - it was brutal. It sucked the colour and music and joy right out of my life. I felt like I was left in the dark to drown a quiet, slow death. It has taken a long, long time to come back to life.

I talked about it recently. Here's a video clip of me sharing:


But now, so many years later, I am amazed that the pain of life can be transformed - seriously, I'm truly amazed.

Does it mean all the pain and sadness is gone today? Absolutely not.  I'm still learning to cope in the different seasons of my life as a sister without a sibling.

 I don't think this loss and death happened so that I could write a book or share a hopeful message - not at all; but over the years and still today, I'm trying to find meaning in my loss. 

The pain I've experienced has become the bridge to empathy, compassion, resilience and perspective. The totality of my loss threatened to ruin me - and now it thwarts the dark and resurrects new life in myself and others.

This is why transformation is so insanely miraculous.

And this is why I'm giving 100% of the proceeds of the book away.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 2.09.55 PM.png



Life’s Great Dare: Risking It All For The Abundant Life is a book about transformation. I wrote this book for a few reasons. One, the journey I’ve taken and the things I’ve learned have quite literally saved me and I hope it's helpful for others.  

But, I’ve always hoped that the book would have some sort of multiplying impact on those who are most marginalized and vulnerable.

 As of today, over $14,000 has been given to The Love2Love Project! Children in Syria and Mozambique are living safer more full lives through the world of World Vision & MCC.

Thank you to those of you who have purchased a book and been a part of this! Would you head on over to learn more about The Love2Love Project now? You can also make a direct donation and receive a tax receipt.

My goal is to raise $50,000 this year! Would you join me?!

The world I imagine in my dreams is when big, bold love reigns! 

As a way to spread the love & honour my brother Todd today, (and tomorrow on his birthday), I'm giving the digital version of the book away for FREE. Please Enjoy!


So friends, here's what you can do:

1. Purchase the book today. 100% of the proceeds go to the Love2Love Project.

2. Head over to NoiseTrade and get your free digital copy of Life's Great Dare! (for a few days only).

3. Donate directly to The Love2Love Project and help the most vulnerable children in the world.  Scroll down to the bottom of that page, pick which project you want to support and make your donation directly so you can receive a tax receipt for your donation. Let's raise $50,000 together!

Love always leads to more love.

I've been show great love by the Lover of my soul and I want this love to be multiplied, expand and grow. Let's join together and experience big bold love - let's see how it resurrects and restores!