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The 5 C's to the Good Life


The 5 C's to the Good Life

Christa Hesselink

I don't know about you, but I'm healthiest, most "even-keeled", most able to experience the full life when a few significant, but basic things are in play. I like to call them the Five "C's".  These five keys may seem pretty simple but when they are regularly found in my life, I'm more:



                                 full.   (who wouldn't want more of that?!)

C reativity:

We need to always be learning, experiencing new things, stretching ourselves, and curiously exploring the world and ourselves in it.

We need to look for beauty and be creators and contributors, not just consumers.  

This doesn't mean we have to book a round-the-world trip or paint the next masterpiece, but it does mean that we need to get out there and DO something. Sitting in front of the TV doesn't tap into this part of us. Undoubtedly the inertia of life will pull us away from adventure.

C ompassion:

We need to see our connection to everyone as holy ground and experience moments where we get outside of our own head and feel genuine empathy towards another person. When we do that we are able to apply ourselves to helping others. But giving compassion is just one part of the equation. For some of us, we have to push ourselves to receive it from others and offer it to ourselves. Right? Where do you need to be gentle with yourself and another today?

C ompanionship:

Each of us needs to have regular connection with a few people who know us, bear witness to the everyday ordinary stuff of our lives, and who commit to sharing life’s journey with us. Intimacies are created when we are known and loved and are able to share a mutual bond. This is one of my favourite quotes by Joyce Rupp.

Kinship is a rich bondedness that calls forth to the deepest parts of ourselves. It is a mutuality of understanding, a sense of belonging, a union of spirits, a loving appreciation, and a deep communion which comes from having known experiences similar to the person with whom we are bonded.

C uddle

We are physical people, made of skin, bone, and tissue, and we need physical touch that is meaningful. It symbolizes a safe bond between people. You may think you need a "significant other" in your life in order for this to be fulfilled. But, we're not talking about sex here (although that is a powerful way to bond!). Physical connection, in any form comes in all shapes in sizes. It can be a child sitting on your lap, a hug between friends, and sitting close on a couch or in a car with people you love. Even the love of a pet can tap into this core need. All these things matter.

Even if your love-language isn't "physical touch" you're human... and we all need a good cuddle now and then!

C elebration:

We need to party and we need to have something to look forward too. It doesn’t matter how big or extravagant the celebration is, it just needs to feel special to you.  That could mean a visit from a friend, getting away on vacation, a coffee date, or an outing that just gets you jazzed.

Celebrating something, however large or small, is nodding to yourself and others that we are made for joy. 


Chances are that as you pay attention to the Five C’s, you will find the plot of your life moving forward in beautiful ways - slowly & subtly -  and your days mattering more. It's simple stuff really, but sometimes these 5 things allude us. 

(This blog post was taken from the PLOTTING FORWARD Workbook. I'd love for you to have it. Download it for free here!) one week, I hope you'll join me: